Staff Augmentation

Technical Operations & Maintenance from GLOBAL

GLOBAL is committed to serving our communities and customers during the COVID-19 crisis. Sectors of all types, especially those with increased demand, such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, data centers and government, need assistance to keep facilities operational so they can focus on core business objectives.

Allowing GLOBAL to operate and maintain your facility frees up resources and personnel for “normal” facility needs and emergencies. GLOBAL technicians have already been trained and qualified on products and technologies, regardless of manufacturer, so there is no learning curve for new technology or lack of predictability in systems.

In addition, GLOBAL can rapidly mobilize technical resources – including project management and administrative support, as well as service technicians and mechanics.

Let us improve your business!

We accomplish this by not only providing rigorous preventative maintenance, but also by being able to look at the system holistically through different perspectives with our engineering, construction, and sustainability expertise.